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Shareables FAQ


What are Shareables?
An exclusive offering for ListReports agents, Shareables help you start conversations on your social channels with eye-catching infographics. Each image is hand-crafted by professional designers to grow and engage your social audience. As an additional time-saver, you’ll also receive a suggested caption that you can use.

New Shareables will be available every weekday at 12:01am.

What types of Shareables do you provide?
Shareable images encompass a variety of still images, animations, and polls designed to start conversations and engage your social audience.

Who has access to Shareables?
All agents have access to Shareables. Because social media posts are considered advertising by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), Shareables are currently only available to agents.

Is there a cost to Shareables?
Our Shareables are completely FREE for agents.

Can agents buy Shareables?
There is nothing for agents to purchase. As registered subscribers, real estate agents and brokers have access to advertising collateral for free.

How do I access my Shareables?
For best quality images, Shareables should be shared or downloaded from the Shareable landing page. This page is accessible from your Daily ListReport email, or from your Home page.

When can I access new Shareables?
New Shareables are available every weekday beginning at 12:01am.

Can I access past Shareables?
Yes! Each Shareable image is available to view and download for one week. You can access recent Shareable images from your Home page.

How do I share on Facebook?
For instructions on how to post Shareables to Facebook, click here.

How do I share on Instagram?
For instructions on how to post Shareables to Instagram, click here.

How do I share on LinkedIn?
For instructions on how to post Shareables to LinkedIn, click here.

Loan Officers

What is a Shareable?
A Shareable is an eye-catching social media image designed specifically for agents to share on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Ranging from infographics, polls, quotes, and illustrations, they help agents start conversations and engage with their social networks.

Crafted by professional designers and illustrators, Shareables are only available to ListReports agents! To make agents’ lives easier, captions are provided that can be used to accompany their social media posts.

New Shareables are available each weekday at 12:01 am.


Who has access to Shareables?
Only agents with a ListReports account have access to Shareables. Because social media posts are considered advertising according to real estate advertising regulations, Shareables are not currently available for use by loan officers.

Is there an additional cost to Shareables?
No, they are included with an agent’s account.

How does an agent access Shareables?
Shareables are sent directly to an agent’s inbox via their Daily ListReport email. They are also accessible from the Shareables tab in their ListReports account.

Do you provide any data, metrics, or insights into how agents are using Shareables?
Yes, a daily summary of paired agents’ Shareable activity is included in your Daily Market Summary email. Insights are also available directly from the Activity Feed tab in your ListReports Home page.

Updated on November 26, 2019

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