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Premium Shareables FAQ

For more information about our free Shareables feature, please visit our Shareables FAQ here.

What are Premium Shareables?

Agents who co-brand with a loan officer will receive automatic access to Premium Shareables, which unlocks extra Shareables content (including expired Shareable images), customization and branding options, and more!

Access our library of over 500 Shareables!

Premium Shareables include:

  • Branding options that feature your headshot, contact info, brand colors, and a tagline to help you stand out from the crowd
  • Access to the growing library of 500+ handcrafted Shareable images at any time, with no expiration dates
  • Branded lead capture form with every Shareable
  • Custom Shareables that you can create yourself using our selection of delightful colors and backgrounds
  • Fun fact Shareables – pick any city and a product, and we’ll tell you how many products you can buy for the median price in that market
  • Shareable Notables – recent, topical articles perfect for keeping your social sphere educated and informed
  • Assorted categories of Shareables accessible from the Shareables Library, searchable by keyword!

How much does Premium Shareables cost?

Agents can automatically unlock Premium Shareables for free by co-branding with a loan officer.

Who can access Premium Shareables?

Currently, Premium Shareables is a feature available for agents who co-brand with a loan officer.

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How do I access Premium Shareables?

Once you are paired with a loan officer, simply navigate to the Shareables tab of your ListReports® account and select any of the Premium Shareable features from the dropdown menu to get started. Questions? Email us at – we’re here to help!

What should I include when posting Premium Shareables?

Because social media posts are considered advertising, make sure you are complying with applicable regulations and social media policies. We suggest that you include details about your business, including your name, license number, the name of your firm, all other information that may be required for compliance, as well as the appropriate Equal Housing Opportunity logo.


  • Use photos that you’ve taken yourself.
  • Use photos that you have permission to post online
  • Use pictures or images from sites that give you explicit permission to do so
  • Do comply with our Terms of Service ( including our Content policy and Code of Conduct


  • Post pictures that aren’t yours without the express permission of the owner (many times, the photographer is the owner). This includes photos of celebrities or public figures, even if everyone else is doing it. You could be the one who receives the cease and desist letter and demand for licensing fees.
  • If you happen to take a picture of a celebrity or public figure, you can post it as a “celebrity/public person sighting,” (for example, “look who I saw!!!“) but not in connection with any product or service.
  • Even if you acquire an image of a public figure or celebrity from a free site, you cannot use that image in connection with your business. Such use could be construed as an endorsement or sponsorship, which would violate the Trademark Act.

Who owns Premium Shareables?

Premium Shareables remain the property of ListReports®. Our active subscribers are always licensed to use any of our Shareables. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

What rights do I have to use Premium Shareables?

ListReports® licenses Premium Shareables to registered subscribers for the purposes described above, including allowing subscribers to post Premium Shareables on social media for the purpose of promoting their real estate agency business and real estate listings. This license is subject to the following terms.

By using our Premium Shareables, you agree to the following terms: (i) Shareables may not be used for any illegal, fraudulent, or defamatory purpose; (ii) Shareables shall only be shared or posted if accompanied by the ListReports copyright notice ; (iii) Subscribers are prohibited from changing, modifying, combining or creating derivative works change, combine, modify, or create derivative works of our Shareables; and (iv) Licensees are prohibited to sell or otherwise transfer access to Shareables to third parties for any purpose not stated herein.

Updated on July 15, 2021

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