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Can I link someone else to my account?

Adding email addresses to receive notifications

If you want your contact information to show up on your marketing materials, but you won’t be the one managing the account, you can add other email addresses in your User Profile. This way, if you have an assistant making marketing kits requests on your behalf, they will still receive the email notifications.

To do this, just open your User Profile. Click on the Personal tab, type in alternate email addresses, then scroll to the bottom and press Save. Any additional email addresses you input will receive all of the ListReports® account notifications.

Removing alias email addresses

If you’d like to remove an email address from the ListReports® account list, simply click remove next to the email address.


You’ll notice that your registered email address is automatically set to receive ListReports account notifications. While the registered email address cannot be deleted from receiving notifications, any additional email addresses can be added or removed from this list.

Updated on September 1, 2020

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