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How do I share my marketing kits on social media?

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Sharing your Marketing Kits 

Sharing your marketing materials is easy! You can find everything you need on the Marketing Kits tab to share your materials on social media.


Just click on the Facebook icon, and you’ll be able to post any asset on your Facebook page. Add a few sentences to describe your post, change the post settings to Public to maximize your reach, and you’re all set!


Sharing on Twitter is just as easy. Just click on the Share icon and then select Tweet from the drop down menu.

Other sharing options

You’ll see a few other options for sharing in the drop-down menu under the share icon.

Use this option to share on other social sites by copying the link and then pasting it on the site.

Email to someone

Just type in an email address and we’ll send over a link.

Email to self

We’ll send an email with the link to the address you have on file.

Sharing from the View page

When you open any of the assets after clicking on the view icon, you’ll have several helpful options right at the top of the page. From there you can easily edit, copy the link, or share on Facebook!

Updated on January 22, 2020

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