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How do reusable sign riders work?


Reusable sign riders are only available when you pair with a loan officer on our platform. If you haven’t already, select a loan officer from our provided list or invite your own by going to the My Lender tab on your Dashboard.

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ListReports offers Reusable short codes to all of our Elite subscribers and their partnered Agents. We use a patent-pending geolocation technology that will allow you to choose your CUSTOM short code and order ONE Sign Rider that will work for ALL of your future listings! No more buying a new sign rider for each listing—it’s one and done.

You can choose and assign your own custom short code from your user Profile on the ListReports Dashboard. Once you’ve chosen a code, head to the ListReports Shop to place your order for your new reusable sign rider.



When customers text your custom short code, they’ll receive a link to the ListReports property website. While short codes are not tied to a specific listing, we highly suggest that you create a ListReport for all your listings so they’ll have a property website to go to.

Once you’ve chosen a code, visit the ListReports Shop and place your order for your new reusable sign rider.

Basic Rules

  • Reusable short codes & sign riders are only available to Elite users and their partnered agents.
  • Elite LO’s and their partnered agents can set their custom short code in the Personal tab of their Profile on the Dashboard.
    • Custom Short Codes are first come first served
    • Codes have a 10 character limit
    • Alpha-numeric; no special characters (!%$)



Users have the option to include their custom short code on ALL ListReports marketing materials, or ONLY their reusable sign riders.

  • This option can be toggled with a checkbox in the User Profile
  • Toggling this option on/off will affect all FUTURE ListReport requests.



Once a user has set their reusable short code, they can place an order for their reusable sign rider in the ListReports Shop.

Technical specifics of the reusable short code experience

When a buyer is at a property and texts a reusable short code, ListReports will respond through text with a URL.

  • When the buyer clicks the URL, we will ask them to approve the use of Location Services on their mobile device.
  • If they approve, we will geolocate them and scan their area within a 1/4 mile radius for any properties registered with ListReports by the LO or agent who owns the reusable short code.
    • If we only find a singular property within 1/4 mile under the LO/agent, the buyer will be taken to that single property website immediately.
    • If we find multiple properties within 1/4 mile that are registered through ListReports under the LO/agent, we will display all relevant properties and allow the buyer to choose the correct property from a searchable list.
  • If the buyer does not approve location services, we will ask them to reconsider so that we may geo-locate them. However, this isn’t mandatory as we will still list out ALL of the LO/agent’s properties that are registered with ListReports and allow them to choose which one they’d like to view the single property website for.
  • If the buyer happens to text a reusable short code at a later time when they are no longer within 1/4 mile of the actual property, we will display ALL of the LO/agent’s ListReports properties and allow the buyer to choose from the list.
  • Lead Notifications for LO/agent: When a buyer texts a reusable short code and views the single property website, we will trigger the following items to the ListReports user(s):
    • Text notification of lead to LO & agent
    • Email notification of lead to LO & agent
    • Activity Feed notification of lead to LO & agent
    • New lead will be added to My Leads section to LO & agent
Updated on May 23, 2018

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