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How do I use my ListReports® account?

Home Page

From your home page, you can access everything you need to capture more leads and grow your business. View your unopened marketing kits, Shareable of the day, and more – all with one click!

Marketing Kits

All of your ListReports® marketing materials appear here. You can create a new marketing kit, view and archive kits for each listing, and check on the status of requested marketing kits.


Our hand-crafted social media Shareables can be found here, with new free content 5x a week! Check out Premium Shareables for customization features, exclusive Shareables, and more. 


Suggested ListPacks®, custom ListPacks®, and Property Search can all be found under this tab. Share these beautiful collections of curated listings to your sphere of influence to stay front and center!

ListReports® Live

Access your personal virtual meeting room, complete with built-in marketing and lead capture! You can have as many as 10 guests total to host a virtual event, meet with clients, or whatever need. Virtual Open House in the works!

Partner Deals

As a ListReports® subscriber, you get access to insider discounts and exclusive offerings from our trusted partners. Check out the Partner Deals tab to find out what our current offers are. 

Activity Feed

When you pair with a loan officer, you’ll get access to our lead capture tools. In your Activity Feed, you’ll be able to take a look at all your lead activity in one glance.

My Loan Officer

Here, you’ll be able to select or change your paired loan officer.

My Team

If you are paired with a title representative, you will see a My Team tab that includes all of your pairings. 

My Leads

All your leads will be populated here. View, archive, or manually add leads!

Pairing with a loan officer also gives you access to a personalized property search site, Find your unique share link see how many people visited, viewed and favorited properties. Visit here.


Order sign riders and Facebook FastBlasts for your listings.
You can visit the Shop here.


Need help with your ListReports® account? Check out the Resources page where you can find webinars, FAQs, video tutorials, and our knowledge base! 


This is where you can edit your contact and company information, password and notifications. You can visit your Profile here. Also, after you’ve paired with a loan officer, you can also set up your text-to-lead code.


Set your notifications preferences, marketing kit settings, and your default market area in the Settings tab. Your reusable text-to-lead code can also be set and changed here!

Contact Us

Questions? We’ve got answers! Fill out the form under the Contact Us tab, or email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Updated on September 14, 2021

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