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Adding buyers to the ListReports Active Buyer Network

Here’s how you can easily add your clients to the ListReports Active Buyer Network!

Step 1:

Navigate to the My Leads section of your Dashboard. Click the big red ADD LEAD button at the top right corner of the page.

Step 2:

Add the contact details for your buyer and select their status as pre-qualified or pre-approved. This step is very important.

Step 3:

Once you’ve selected the buyer status, the form requires a few additional fields. Enter the pre-approved or pre-qualified amount, the expiration date, and then add their follow-up stage (this is what your lead will fall back to once they pass the expiration date—in case you need to update their pre-approval details).

Step 4:

Add the buyer’s agent information by typing the agent’s name in the box.

Step 5:

Hit the red Submit button. A confirmation popup will appear. This is to confirm that the data is accurate and if you’d like to invite this lead to receive free text notifications for Just Listed and Privately Listed properties. We recommend inviting your buyers to receive these free notifications. Hit the red Invite Buyer button.

We’ll send an invite to your buyers so they can take the next steps including verifying their email address and creating a account. We’ll also send out a text message so they can verify their phone number.

Step 6:

Now you’ll set up the lead’s preferences for text notifications.

Type in a city or zip code for the area where your clients are looking to purchase. Then add in a few details like price point, what is important to them in the neighborhood surrounding the home, and select some options for what their ideal home would include.

That’s it—you’re all set!

Your active buyers will get text and email notifications when we find homes that are a good match for them.

Updated on March 22, 2018

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